Andrea De Martino


Soft and Living Matter Lab
Institute of Nanotechnology (CNR/NANOTEC)
National Research Council of Italy
& IIT Center for Life Nano Science, Rome (IT)

currently on extended leave at
Human Genetics Foundation, Turin (IT)

I am interested in biophysics, especially in the area between statistical physics and biology. At present, I am trying to understand something new about the modes of action of small regulatory RNAs, the trade-offs that characterize cell growth, the emergence of metabolic cell-to-cell interactions in tissues, and the functional roles of cell-to-cell variability. In the past, I have worked on the statistical mechanics of games with learning and economic systems. You can find me at the Statistical Inference and Computational Biology Unit at HuGeF.

Latest article(s)

  • ceRNA crosstalk stabilizes protein expression and affects the correlation pattern of interacting proteins, submitted

  • Constrained Allocation Flux Balance Analysis, PLOS Comp Biol

Recent work (selected)

Funding (main)

  • INFERNET (MSCA RISE, 2017–2021)

  • NETADIS (MSCA ITN, 2012–2016)

  • IIT@Sapienza, Ctr for Life Nano Science (2012– )

  • PRIN ‘‘Meccanica statistica dei sistemi disordinati e complessi’’ (2012–2015)

  • DREAM (IIT Seed Project, 2010–2013)

A timeline (with holes)