From APE100 to APEmille: Results and Perspectives

How to reach the Workshop site

Instructions to reach Frascati and the Workshop site by car, plane+taxi, train and bus can be found here. Information about plane+workshop_bus are immediately below in this page.

A bus will transport people from Villa Tuscolana Hotel to the workshop site (INFN, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati) all the three workshop days. Moreover a bus will pick up people at Leonardo da Vinci airport on sunday and will take people to the airport on wednesday at the end of the workshop.

People who want to be picked up at the airport on sunday 16 at 5:30pm must send an email specifying their name and affiliation and possibly their flight number and arrival time. There will be a person to pick them up at the exit gate of international arrivals.
Note however that there will be only one bus at 5.30pm.

The following is the workshop bus timetable. Note that the bus from the hotel to the workshop (and vice versa) will make a stop in Frascati main square, in order to pick up people who don't sleep in the hotel and to let people spend the evening in Frascati.

Sunday 16

Monday 17

Tuesday 18

Wednesday 19

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