Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 09:22:44

Subject: Les Houches Sphinx Meeting. Please register soon.

Dear friends,

we are now getting closer and closer to the date of the Sphinx Les
Houches Meeting on "Statistical Physics of Glassy and Non-Equilibrium
Systems", so at this point we really need to be completely sure of the
participants and of a preliminary speaker list.

We send this note to a preliminary list of addresses: this list is both
arbitrary and incomplete. We plan to extend and complete it by using
your input. 

The national coordinators that are in the list have special and
crucial responsibilities: not only they should let us know if they
plan to come, but they should be sure of letting all the involved lab
of their countries know about the meeting. We do not have a complete
list of the labs involved, so this is a crucial responsibility of the
national coordinators (or some people will end up not to know about
the meeting).

Also the potential participants we have added to the list to the names
of the national coordinators can help us by letting (in the very next
period) other people know about the meeting.

The crucial thing is that all the participants register by using the
form that can be accessed through a link on our server

or through the meeting home page

or directly at

This is crucial. Also people that already told us they will come and
gave a title have to register and give the title of their proposed

So, again, please register and have people registered. We would set
for this process a dead line of one week from today: at the end of
this period we would like the registration process to be ended.
So, registration should be completed, by using the form we have prepared,
by wednesday, the 27th of October.

The meeting will run from 2000, January 24th (Monday) to the Saturday
29th (departure day).  Arrival is expected on Sunday the 23rd. Note
that for technical reason it is impossible to spend the night of any
Saturday in Les Houches premises (we tried): so people looking for
discounted plane fares (the only ones we will able to reimburse) will
have to organize for spending a night in hotel (the Les Houches
can help in that task)

The maximum number of allowed participants will be of 70.  We will be
able, with ESF money, to fund (apex flight plus stay) more or less 50
participants. We will try to understand which fraction of participants
can be funded after we will have collected all the information from
the registration form.

Ciao by now

Enzo Marinari, Giorgio Parisi

PS We have to quote the names of some number of speakers and their
talk title on the poster of the school.  If you don't confirm in the
shortest delay your participation, it will be impossible to consider
to put your name on the poster.