January 24 - 28, 2000


      Giorgio Parisi (Roma La Sapienza), David Sherrington (Oxford)
                       Nicolas Sourlas (ENS Paris)

                       Scientific Committee

             Alan Bray (Manchester), John Hertz (Nordita),
     Heinz Horner (Heidelberg), Enzo Marinari (Roma La Sapienza),
                      Marc Mezard (ENS Paris).

The workshop will deal with the fundamental statistical physics of
strongly interacting many-body systems with regard to the occurrence
and properties of glassy and other complex macroscopic states and to
non-equilibrium behavior. Glassiness here refers to a combination of
non-periodicity, quasi-degeneracy and slow response of the collective
macroscopic behavior of the individual dynamical constituents and
will be considered both for cases where the microscopic interactions
are quench-disordered and also those in which non-periodicity is
self-induced.  Non-equilibrium refers both to systems having detailed
balance but away from equilibrium and also those without detailed
balance and hence no Gibbs-Boltzmann steady state formulation.  It
will include issues such as history-dependence (aging), self
organization, dynamical phase transitions, meta-stability,
fluctuations, the effect of driving stimuli, disorder and

This meeting is organized and funded by the ESF program
Statistical Physics of Glassy and Non-Equilibrium Systems (SPHINX).
For more details see
The meeting is also open to persons outside the programme.

             Preliminary List of Confirmed Speakers

   D. Amit (Roma La Sapienza), A. Billoire (SPhT, CEA Saclay),
   J.-P. Bouchaud (SPEC, CEA Saclay), A. Bovier (Weierstrass -
   Institute, Berlin), A. Bray (Manchester), I. Campbell (Paris Sud),
   A. Crisanti (Roma La Sapienza), L. Cugliandolo (LPT-ENS and
   LPTHE-Jussieu, Paris), S. Franz (ICTP, Trieste), C. Godreche (SPEC,
   CEA Saclay), F. Guerra (Roma La Sapienza) J. Hamman (SPEC, CEA
   Saclay), W. Janke (Leipzig), W. Kob (Mainz), I. Kondor (Budapest), 
   J. Kurchan (PMMH ESPCI, Paris), E. Marinari (Roma La Sapienza), M. 
   Mezard (LPT-ENS, Paris), R. Monasson (LPT-ENS, Paris),  M.  Moore 
   (Manchester), T. Nieuwenhuizen (Amsterdam), G. Parisi (Roma La 
   Sapienza), H. Rieger (Saarbr"ucken), G. Ruocco (L'Aquila), D. 
   Sherrington (Oxford), N. Sourlas (LPT-ENS, Paris), M. Talagrand 
   (Paris VI).

           The number of participants is limited to 70.

Information on the workshop and application forms are available at:

   Giorgio Parisi, Dipartimento di Fisica Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza",
   P. A. Moro 2, 00185 Roma (Italy). e-mail:

   David Sherrington, Department of Physics, University of Oxford, 
   Oxford, U.K. e-mail:

   Nicolas Sourlas, LPT-ENS, 24 rue Lhomond, Paris, France.