A preliminary program of the Les Houches Sphinx Meeting.

TALKS (all talks 25' + 5' discussion)

24 Monday Morning

Sherrington - Welcome and introduction.

1. Hammann - Comparing aging properties in spin glasses and disordered ferromagnets.

2. Nordblad - Non-equilibrium dynamics in random magnets - a phenomenology.

3. Ritort - Configurational entropy in simple constrained dynamical models.

4. Horner - Aging in Glasses and Spin Glasses.

5. Head - Critical and glass transitions in a simple model of activated processes.

24 Monday Afternoon

6. Martin-Mayor - Disordered harmonic solid models for the dynamic structure factor of glasses.

7. Cugliandolo - Hole-burning experiments within solvable glassy models without spatial structure.

8. Rieger - Random quantum magnets with long-range correlated disorder.

9. Kondor - Spin glass problems in financial regulation.

25 Tuesday Morning

10. Cavagna - Fragile vs strong liquids: a saddles ruled scenario.

11. Sollich - Glassy time-scale divergence and anomalous coarsening in a kinetically constrained spin chain.

12. Ruocco - Equilibrium and off-equilibrium long time dynamics in a monatomic LJ system.

13. Kuehn - Potential Energy Landscapes and Low-Temperature Anomalies in Schematic Glass Models.

14. Sibani - Trap geometry and dynamics in glassy systems.

25 Tuesday Afternoon

15. Hartmann - Thermodynamically correct ground state sampling in spin glasses.

16. Campbell - The Spin Glass transition : experiments and numerics.

17. Moore - Arguments for the droplet picture of spin glasses.

18. Ricci-Tersenghi - Absence of aging in the remanent magnetization in Migdal-Kadanoff spin glasses.

26 Wednesday Morning

19. Sourlas - Statistical Mechanics of Turbo Codes.

20. Zecchina - Unifying aspects of complexity in D>2 ordered and disordered systems.

21. Guerra - About the overlap distributions in the mean field spin glass model.

22. Talagrand - TBA.

23. Parisi - Stochastic Stability.

26 Wednesday Afternoon: Poster Session

27 Thursday Morning

24. Martin - Valleys in finite dimensional spin glasses.

25. Billoire - Numerical Evidences Against Temperature Chaos in SG.

26. Palassini - Ground State Structure of Spin Glasses.

27. Zuliani - Window Overlap in 4D Spin Glasses.

28. Janke - Exploring Overlap Barriers in Spin Glasses.

27 Thursday Afternoon

29. Godreche - Statistics of persistent events: from random walks to phase ordering.

30. Bray - Random walks, first-passage problems, and non-equilibrium critical dynamics.

31. Garrahan - Index distribution of random matrices: an application to disordered systems.

28 Friday Morning

32. Stinchcombe - Universal glassy dynamics near jamming limits.

33. Bouchaud - Aging in spin-glasses, new ideas and puzzles.

34. Kurchan - Glassy versus granular dynamics.

35. Franz - Quasi-equilibrium interpretation of aging dynamics.

36. Crisanti - Equilibrium and Dynamics of spin-glasses and glasses beyond mean-field: study of activated processes.

28 Friday Afternoon

37. Oppermann - Spin glass behavior in low temperature quantum physics.

38. Sellitto - Kinetic glass transition.

39. Nieuwenhuizen - Thermodynamics of glassiness.

40. Kob - Electrophoresis: Out-of-equilibrium dynamics of polymers in a random medium.


  1. Berthier - Non-linear rheology of glasses.

  2. Bokil - Glasslike behavior of a p-spin model without disorder.

  3. Broderix - Energy Landscape and Overlap Distribution of Binary Lennard-Jones Glasses.

  4. Brunet - Distribution of the free energy of a directed polymer in a random medium.

  5. Coluzzi - Inherent Structures in the SK model.

  6. Contucci - Stochastic Stability in Mean Field Spin Glass Models.

  7. de Candia - Lattice models with quenched and annealed disorder.

  8. Drossel - The link overlap for the 3d Ising spin glass.

  9. Feldmann - The quantum Ising spin glass: electronic excitations and connections to a classical model.

  10. Fogedby - Canonical phase space approach to the noisy Burgers equation: scaling function.

  11. Giardina - Analytic Computation of the Instantaneous Normal Mode Spectrum for Low Density Liquids.

  12. Hertz - Stability of Asynchronous States in Neural Networks.

  13. Isola - On some deterministic spin models.

  14. Jain - Persistence in the Zero-Temperature Dynamics of the Diluted Ising Model.

  15. Klic - Frustrated state in mixture of ferroelectric and anti-ferroelectric liquid crystals.

  16. Latz - Theory of aging in structural glasses.

  17. Leuzzi - A tiling model for glassy systems.

  18. Maraner - 1/f thermal noise and relaxation in magnetic systems (hysteresis far and close to thermal equilibrium).

  19. Marinari - Evidence for the Existence of a dAT Line in Realistic Spin Glasses.

  20. Mezard - Configurational Entropy of Structural Glasses.

  21. Mossa - Molecular dynamics simulation of a realistic model of the fragile glass former ortho-terphenyl.

  22. Opper -

  23. Pitard - A simple model of glassy dynamics for polymer collapse.

  24. Sales - Order parameter fluctuations in spin glasses.

  25. Sherrington -