Accademia dei Lincei - Roma - 2005, September 5th - September 8th

Statistical Physics of Disordered Systems and its Applications

We have a CD with talks, posters, pictures, small movies.

Here is an image of the CD that you can donwload (250 Mb).

Here there is a gzipped tar file (.tgz) of all files contained in the CD (250 Mb).

And here you can access all files one by one (pictures are large files, close to 2Mb each, and movies are even larger).

The SPDSA 2005 Conference will be held in Rome, at "Accademia dei Lincei", from September the 5th to September the 8th 2005. SPDSA (Statistical Physics of Disordered Systems and its Applications) deals with random spin systems, spin glasses, random field systems, glassy systems, error-correcting codes, financial markets, social systems, image processing, optimization problems, boolean networks, machine learning, mobile communications, network and traffic flows.

All invited speakers are confirmed. Here is a list with preliminary talk titles.

There will be a poster session.

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is composed by A. Cavagna, A. Giardina, E. Marinari, G. Parisi, F. Ricci-Tersenghi and M. Virasoro. The Scientific Committee includes the members of the LOC and K. Hukushima, Y. Kabashima, V. Martin Mayor, H. Nishimori, H. Rieger, D. Sherrington. N. Sourlas, K. Tanaka, T. Tanaka, O. Watanabe, P. Young, R. Zecchina.

Francesca Caraceni is the scientific secretary of the Conference.

The number of participants is limited due to the logistic. Potential participants can also apply toward presenting a poster at the poster section. There will be no participation fee. There will be no proceedings. The dead line for application is July 20th, 2005.

We could be able to offer a very small number of travel grants, mainly for young people: interested potential participants will have to apply for them.

Venue: Accademia dei Lincei, Palazzo Corsini, Via della Lungara, 10, 00165 Roma. See

The conference is sponsored by: Accademia dei Lincei, Italy, (; Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Area "Statistical-Mechanical Approach to Probabilistic Information Processing", Japan (; the European Community's FP6 Information Society Technologies Programme under contract IST-001935, EVERGROW (; MIUR 2002 COFIN-PRIN Programme "Complex Problems in Statistical Mechanics and Field Theory", contract number 2002027759.

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