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Disclaimer: this page is for archiving old Chimera items, so some links can be broken

April 2008 Chimera supports a (C, C++ and Java) programming competition at La Sapienza.

2004-2007 Chimera supports the EVERGROW EEC Integrated project and invites you to download and install the DIMES agent to help us map the Internet.

October 2007 A very interesting text (in italian) from a few young italian researchers that are in France

October 2007 Giorgio Parisi has been awarded one of the largest international prizes in science, the Royal Society and Academie des Sciences Microsoft European Science award, at a ceremony in Paris on October 16th, 2007.

2002-2006: Homepage of the DYGLAGEMEM European Network

2002-2006: Homepage of the STIPCO European Network

December 2006: it is Andrea Frova 70th birthday! Best wishes to him, and here a photo gallery, in html format and in pdf format.

april 2005: The home page of the De Giorgi - Venturi chair, by Remi Monasson: the chair is supported by the Italo-French University, and Remi Monasson will give a course of Computational Physics.

june 2003: For Darwin, from the Physics Department.

Vote against SPAM!Already a few years ago Chimera has supported an anti-spam petition.

Two short stories.

One from the Smithsonian Institute.

The other about papers, authors and referees.

The Statistical Mechanics Colloquium

Seminars of the Complex System Group

Preprints from the Complex System Group

Preprints from the Ape Computer

Mathematical Physics Preprints

Neural Network Preprints

September 2008 Wandering with Curiosity in Complex Landscapes: a Conference in the occasion of the 60th birthday of Giorgio Parisi. Rome, September 2008.

May 2006: The 2006 Les Houches Winter School.

A conference about statistical physics of disordered systems and (many) applications in Rome, September 2005: SPDSA 2005.

The Les Houches winter school+workshop (from 31/1/2005 to 4/2/2005)!

The SPHINX Les Houches 2000 Meeting

The APEmille 1997 Meeting

The Cortona 1995 LGT Meeting

The Peter Young book on spin glasses

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