From APE100 to APEmille: Results and Perspectives

Frascati, February 17 - 19, 1997

APE100(or APE100 derived) massively parallel processors have been heavily used in LGT and other areas of computational physics for several years. A new generation APE machine (APEmille) is under development, and expected to reach peak performances one order of magnitude higher than available with APE100.

We think that it is now appropriate to try to summarize the physics results that have been obtained with the help of APE100 and to discuss the lines of development that might be pursued with APEmille in the near future. These include both areas where APE100 is now well established and also new research lines where the architectural features of the new machine and its outstanding performance might play an important role.

We announce the Workshop "From APE100 to APEmille: Results and Perspectives", to be held on February 17 - 19 1997 at the Laboratori Nazionali dell' INFN (Frascati), in order to discuss these points.

This first bullettin gives preliminary details on the structure of the workshop, its main topics, the organizers, registration details and dead-lines.

All further information on the workshop will be ONLY available through the WEB at the address:

This WEB address will be used for registration, hotel reservations and all practical issues.

Key topics include:

A PC-based emulator of the APEmille computer will be available at the Workshop.

Contributions will include invited summary talks and brief communications from representatives of the main areas of activities. Details of the program will be distributed later.

The Organizing Comittee of the Workshop includes: C. Felici, S. Giromini, V. Lubicz, E. Onofri, E. Panizzi, P.S. Paolucci, R. Petronzio, R. Tripiccione.

Hotels are usually crowded in the Frascati area around the year. For this reason, please bear well in mind the following

DEADLINE for Workshop registration/Hotel reservation:

December 20 1996

The appropriate form are available on the WEB.

The Organizing Committee.

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