From APE100 to APEmille: Results and Perspectives

Virtual Poster Session

Self-Diagnosis of APEmille

S.Chessa, I.D'Auria, I.Pagliai, P.Maestrini, E.Centurioni, F.Franzinelli, R.Tripiccione, F.Aglietti, A.Michelotti.

Implementation of Backpropagation Neural Network Learning Algorithm on the Quadrics Supercomputer Family.


New Computational Physics applications: Parallel Approach to nonlinear Effects in Beam Dynamics.

M.Giovannozzi, E.Mcintosh, G.Franchetti, G.Turchetti

Liquid Crystal Lattice Models on Quadrics Supercomputer.

S.Boschi, M.Brunelli, C.Chiccoli, P.Pasini, C.Zannoni

Hyper-Systolic Routing for SIMD Systems.

A.Hoferichter, Th.Lippert, P.Palazzari, K.Schilling

Evaluation of AutoBahn Based High Speed Links and their use in the APEmille Project

H. Leich

A Polynomial Hybrid Monte Carlo Algorithm

R.Frezzotti, K.Jansen

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