Chimera: a Complex System Server in the Physics Department of Rome University La Sapienza

Era la Chimera un mostro enorme, crudele ed invincibile che desolava la Licia: aveva la testa di leone, il corpo di capra e la coda di serpente, e dall'orribile bocca vomitava spaventose fiamme con le quali bruciava i raccolti e riduceva in cenere quanti l'avvicinavano.

Chimera is a server in the Physics Department at the Rome University La Sapienza.

Here we introduce our group.

We have an opening for a postdoctoral position: click here for more information.

World University Ranking 2013: the Physics and Astronomy courses in our Department are in the list of the 50 best in the world.

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Our group is based in the Physics Department, Building Marconi, Universita' di Roma La Sapienza, P. A. Moro 2, 00185 Roma (Italy).

The members of the group are listed here.

Recent publications of the members of our group can be found at this page.

The Chimera Server was created in the academic year 1992-1993 by Enzo Marinari and Giorgio Parisi.

For information you can contact Dr. Giulia Loguercio, coordinator of the scientific secretariat of our group:

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